Pokémon Soul.Link

Setup / Build


Let's build with the default configuration and see what we've got before diving into what you can change.

First, we need to tell the Lua scripts what version of the game you're running. Open up /lua/game_version.lua. It should look something like this:

--for different game versions
-- 1 = Ruby/Sapphire U, 2 = Emerald U, 3 = FireRed/LeafGreen U, 4 = Ruby/Sapphire J, 5 = Emerald J (TODO), 
-- 6 = FireRed/LeafGreen J (1360)
local gen3_game = 3

--0: Ruby/FireRed, Emerald
--1: Sapphire/LeafGreen
local gen3_subgame = 0

-- 1 = Diamond/Pearl, 2 = HeartGold/SoulSilver, 3 = Platinum, 4 = Black, 5 = White, 6 = Black 2, 7 = White 2
local gen4_gen5_game = 2

-- 1 = Diamond, HeartGold, Platinum, Black, white, Black 2, White 2
-- 2 = Pearl, SoulSilver
local gen4_gen5_subgame = 1

I'm not going to lie; if you can't figure out what to do here, you should probably seek professional help.

Set the proper values, save, and exit.

An Extra Step for XSplit Users

As of the writing of this documentation (April 2018), there is a bug in XSplit that requires you to set one setting toward the bottom of /node/config.json.

    "server": {
        "useLessSecureAPI": true

Just set that value to true, save, and quit.

Now cd into /node/ if you aren't already there and run

start startServer.cmd
A couple notes
  1. The start in the start startServer.cmd command is optional. It simply makes the server run in a separate command prompt window, which will be helpful later when we want to run other commands without closing the server.

    If you do run the server without start and want to stop the server without closing the window, press ctrl + c twice.

  2. Running build.cmd updates the Party Display and Dashboard files. It does not affect the server. If you happen to be making a change that only affects the server (e.g. the randomizer settings), you do not need to rebuild.

After building and running the server, your Party Display will now be hosted at http://stream.pokemon-soul.link:8081/.

Empty default Party Display

You should have something that looks like this. If you don't, something went wrong. In fact, I'd go so far as to say the world is about to end and it's all your fault. Just speakin' truth, man.

If you are having troubles at this point...

Close the window that opened when you ran start startServer.cmd, and then run:

git reset --hard HEAD
git clean -f
rmdir /s /q public
npm i
start startServer.cmd

Now refresh your browser.

Let's put something other than PokéBalls™ up there.

  1. Open up your emulator
  2. Load your Pokémon ROM
  3. Click Tools / Lua Scripting / New Lua Script Window
  4. Click Browse...
  5. Find the /lua directory in the cloned repository and open either auto_layout_gen3.lua or auto_layout_gen4_gen5.lua depending on which game you're running.

Do not use auto_layout_gen*_soul_link.lua, even if you are set up to run SoulLink. The scripts I've modified are the basic ones. I only left the *_soul_link.lua scripts in there so the other scripts wouldn't get lonely.

Load a game or a save state or start a new game and play until you pick your first pokémon.

Default Party Display after catching a pokémon

If that's good enough for you, great! Open up OBS Studio or XSplit, add a Browser Source, point it to http://stream.pokemon-soul.link:8081, slap it on top of a blue background so the text shows up nice, and you're set! Nuzlocke is enabled by default, so you can open up http://stream.pokemon-soul.link:8081/dashboard to keep track of the pokémon you've caught (there's also a shortcut in the /node directory). Happy training!